FAQ information

FAQ information

FAQ information

About the personal information handling

About the personal information of the guest
The personal information that we had at the time of a reservation or check-in, we manage it appropriately and warn the maximums such as prevention of being leaked away to the outside.

About check-in, check-out and cancellation

When is the check-in and check-out time?
Check-in time is 14:00-18:00, Check-out time is until 10:00.
As for check-in time we prepare room according to estimated time of arrival that is informed in advance by guest.
In case of schedule change more than one hour, please inform us before your arrival.
Is it possible to check-in earlier?
The room may not be prepared until 14:00. Please adjust your arrival time.
If you have to arrive earlier, it is possible to keep your luggage in reception.
What about cancellation charge?
After a period of time, cancellation is charged.
If you decide to cancel your reservation, please inform us as soon as possible.
If you reserve by internet site, please make cancellation through the same site.

About meal.

Is it possible to bring food stuff to cottage?
It is possible. Every cottages have kitchen that you can use.
There are 24 hours convenience store and JA supermarket (9:00-21:30) near by. (5 min by car.)
Is there restaurant in the area?
We have Beach cafe for breakfast and light meal. In Restaurant Rakusui we provide traditional okinawan food and hand made pizza. (more information about the restaurants.)(※詳しくはこちらのページへ)

About villa.

Can children stay?
Villa A and B are for 2 adults. Villa C is for more than 2 people or family with children.
Smoking inside is possible?
inside of rooms are completely non-smoking. please smoke in smoking spots outside.
Have you room cleaning service during guest stays?
During guest stays in the villa, staffs basically do not come in the room.
So we do not have room cleaning service while guest stays.
We can change towel. please ask reception.
Is there safety box in the room?
Sorry we do not have safety box in the room. Please keep your valuables with you.
Is there wifi facility?
All rooms had wifi facilities, are free of charge.
Can animal stay in the room?
Very sorry that we do not have any room or facility to keep animal inside.
Please keep them in animal hotel or pet shop before you arrive. Please do not leave them in a car or the villa area.

About Sachibaru Yadui

What is the meaning of Sachibaru Yadui?
Sachibaru is a name of this area, which is used by local people.
Yadui is a settlement built by samurais who moved here from capital in Shuri.
Sachibaru Yadui is a combination of these two words.
What is Sachibaru garden?
It is garden where preserving original wildness in Okinawa, such as trees and rocks. Sachibaru is ancient name of this area.
About a house name in Okinawa.
According to the tradition of Okinawa, house is named by its direction,
position, kind of building, profession of owner, order in family and so on.
What is a meaning of Villa A, “Hantanui”?
“Hanta” means cliff in Okinawan language. and ” i ” means above.
We named it because it is situated above on steep slope.
What about Villa B, “Jeehayaya”?
Because a profession of owner is surveyor. “Jeehayaya” means surveyor in Okinawan language.
What about Villa C, “Neekeeya”?
Because this is a two stories building. “Neekeeya” means two stories building.

Other questions

Is there any rental equipment?
There are cocking tools, snorkeling set (free of charge) Bycycle (¥1000 par day)
How far is the sea?
It takes only 2 minutes walk from each cottage.
Can I use my credit card?
You can use credit card in restaurant and villa in the area.
(VISA DC Oriko Mastercard JCB Diners Clud AMERICAN EXPRESS)
Is there parking lot?
Every cottage has one parking lot. If you use more than one, we have public parking area, too.
How about English speaking?
Yes, we have English speaking staff.
Is there hot spring near by?
There is ”Apeman spa” which is loved from local people. It is 12 minutes distance by car.
More informations
Is there ATM near by?
There is 24 hours convenience store “lawson”. 5 minutes distance by car. Or bank, 20 minutes distance by car.

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