About SachibaruYadui

About SachibaruYadui

Sky, Forest, Ocean
The Natural Environment Preserved and Inherited.

Natural garden for repose in southern island.
A paradise of healing and amusement. It liberates your body and mind.

Villa like a hideout in beautiful nature.

“Yadui” is a name of settlements built by Samurais who left Shuri capital in the age of Ryukyu dynasty.
“Sachibaru-Yadui” inherits their history.

This area is related to Ancient mythological goddess, “Amamikiyo”.
Dynamic land scape and comfortable natural garden.
Staying in individual villa house, you will feel like you are living here.

Enjoy your day! Activity Menus

In Sachibaru garden, 2 ha large, there are cafe, restaurant and amusement spots.

Not only places to eat, heal, repose…
150 years old Banyan tree, 200 years old Usuku tree.
You will feel the energy of native Okinawan nature in this garden.

It will give you a blissful time.

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Sachibaru garden

Natural garden for repose in southern island